8 bedrooms
6 full bathrooms
2 partial bathroom
800 sqm
30 hectares
Andalusian hacienda
Lovely country property with centennial mill near Ronda, enjoying wonderful views of rolling vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields.
This home truly surprises by the well kept state in which it is. The renovations that have been carefully made over time have respected the original terracotta floors, wooden beams of the ceilings, the portages and hardware, in addition to the paved ground. It has a charming garden with mature trees, among which is a magnificent magnolia tree beside the pool and a hedge of cypresses in the background.
The house is surrounded by 30 hectares that provide privacy and quietness to the house. It has lots of water, which shows in the of the photos, that are taken in the middle of August, yet you can see that all is green.

Furnished kitchen
Equestrian facilities
5 fireplaces
Clay paving
Private garden
Two floors
Outside kitchen
Security System
Horse stables
Carpentry wood windows

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