8 bedrooms
8 full bathrooms
1 partial bathroom
1200 sqm
70 hectares
Contemporary house in the countryside
Doñana National Park, Seville
Excellent contemporary property surrounded by the virgin pine forests of Doñana Natural Park. A place of peace, harmony, contemporary architecture and natural beauty.
The property includes 70 hectares of olive and orange trees perfectly integrated in its environment The house is in contemporary style with clean lines and mixed materials – concrete, teak wood, large windows, exterior slate flooring, iron. A modern house incorporating the natural environment, from the outside to the interior.
Their owners were determined to give it the best: Marble floors, teak terrace floor, floor heating, zoned air conditioning, e t c.
The house revolves around a central courtyard in which stands an old olive tree. The entrance is a bright and spacious lounge overlooking the garden and pool. The lounge leads onto a large terrace with long views over the olive, orange and pine trees on the horizon.
Apart from the living room, the house has a library, a good kitchen, 4 bedrooms with bathroom, TV room and a spectacular music room perfectly soundproof and equipped to listen to music of the highest quality.
The house is 35 km from the Atlantic. In the afternoons, the sea breeze cools the environment and creates a unique micro climate.
On the perimeter there are two houses for personel.
It is well connected at some 35 kms from Sevilla, most of the route by motorway.

Furnished kitchen
6 parkings
Underfloor Heating
Marble floors
Air conditioned
swiming pool
Music lounge
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