Price on application
6 bedrooms
6 full bathrooms
2 partial bathrooms
2000 sqm
38 hectares
Andalusian style
18th century hacienda
The best thing about this beautiful hacienda is its high position, which gives it fantastic views, as well as a pleasant afternoon breeze. It is about 25 minutes from Seville airport, which makes it very accessible.
The property is accessed through an ascending, asphalted road framed by a hedge of trees, oleanders and prickly pears. In an intermediate level, it has a wide landing that is used as a parking space for the days on which events are held. A bit further up, there is another one that leads to a small bullring with seats for many people.
At the top of it all, sits the main facade of the hacienda, whitewashed, with large red gates that give it great personality. Behind them we find a classic patio. Around the patio are located a series of structures: The house of the housekeepers, a large hall for meetings, weddings and events, and the main house, which also faces the back with features a nice garden with a covered porch and swimming pool.
The farm currently has some hectares of unirrigated olive grove that can be extended, and transformed into irrigation, since there are several wells on the farm. In addition, there is an installation of solar panels, which increases the profitability of the property.

Furnished kitchen
3 fireplaces
40 parkings

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